European Public Administration

OVERVIEW Specializations

The Bachelor of Science Programme European Public Administration has two specializations:

broad introduction and specializations

As you can read in the European Public Administration study programme, the first part of the European Public Administration programme (three semesters) is devoted to the fundamentals of European Studies and Public Administration. We offer you a broad introduction to the aspects of European Studies and Public Administration that are relevant for all levels of government.

Once you have completed the first three semesters, you can specialize in either European Studies or Public Administration.

  • If you specialize in European Studies your focus will be on European and international issues, how the European Union influences the policies of its member states and how it operates in the wider world system.
    Read more about the European Studies specialization or the programme structure.

  • If you specialize in Public Administration your focus will be on local and national issues, and how local and national governments develop policies and deliver high-quality services, sometimes in coproduction with their citizens.
    Read more about the Public Administration specialization or the programme structure.

You don’t have to make this choice immediately: you can wait until the second year. On graduation, all students on the programme receive a Bachelor of Science diploma in European Public Administration. Your specialization will be stated on your diploma supplement.

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