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Preparing for the Netherlands

How do you prepare for your time in Enschede? We are here to help.

On this website, we have gathered all information that will help you while getting ready for your stay in the Netherlands, your life in Enschede, your educational career at our university and how to get from Schiphol airport to our campus.

Webisode 1: Getting ready

The University of Twente offers a variety of services to help you settle in at the university as comfortably as possible. In addition to the pick-up service at the airport and the Buddy programme, we can mediate for furnished accommodation on your behalf, we will arrange your visa, and we will help you with all necessary formalities upon arrival. Read more...

Webisode 2: Dutch culture, food & weather

The Dutch are... Dutch. And their way of living their lives may differ from yours. The video above will give you some insight in the Dutch culture, but there is more

Webisode 3: Classroom interaction

At the University of Twente, you can expect a lot of project-centered education. In addition to these projects, students are continuously challenged to voice their own - sometimes critical - opinion and discuss this with their lecturers. Read more...

Webisode 4: Teacher & Student Interaction

There's a distinct difference between social and academic relationships in The Netherlands.  But how do you cope with these differences in academic interaction? You could join an international student association to make friends, but of course there are many other opportunities to make friends as well. Read more...

Webisode 5: The Grading System

In the Netherlands, you won't receive an 'A' or a 'distinction'. Instead, our grading scale goes from 1 to 10 (1 being the lowest, and 10 being the highest). But that's not all: a 10 is hardly ever given, as you will have to perform better than the lecturer to get awarded with that. Learn more...

Webisode 6: After your study

You're about to complete your UT programme... but what's next? The University of Twente offers many different services, like career counsellors, to help you get ready for your job search. Moreover, the University of Twente helps to broaden your chances on the Dutch and international job market through the Connect International Traineeship Programme. Read more...

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