Practical information

Coming to study at the University of Twente as an international student involves a lot of formalities and paperwork. We’re eager to help you through the whole procedure, so that you can start your studies in time and with everything in place.

Student Affairs & Services is here to help you

Student Affairs & Services provides all the practical information you will need as an international student seeking to study in the Netherlands. Student Affairs & Services can help you before your arrival in Enschede as well as during your studies here.

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International Student Handbook (PDF)

Have you seen our International Student Handbook? This handbook contains all practical information mentioned above, in one PDF (12MB).

Entry Visa and Residence Permit

For example, Student Affairs & Services assists all students requiring an (entry) visa, residence permit and/or Change of Purpose. If you require an entry visa or residence permit, you will be sent an email after your admission to our university, outlining all the necessary procedures. Keep in mind that, by Dutch law, students cannot apply for a visa by themselves.

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Finding accommodation

Student Affairs & Services can also help you find by the University of Twente. It coordinates supply and demand between international students and local housing providers, offering both on- and off-campus accommodation. All rooms are private, while bathroom and kitchen facilities are often shared with other students. The rent for furnished housing varies from €300 to €450 per month for on-campus, shared facilities, and €320 to €770 per month for off-campus, private facilities.

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Health and liability insurance

All international students staying longer than three months are required by Dutch law to have health insurance. We can help you arrange a complete insurance package covering most health and liability costs with a Dutch insurance company.

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Working while studying

If you are an international student planning to get a job while studying here, we advise you to read up on regulations.

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