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The first year of your bachelor is primarily a year in which to see if the programme suits you and if you are up to the challenge.

In case of doubt, you will be given an interim written recommendation. Your study adviser will then be available to see where the problem lies and, if needed, help you to find alternatives.

At the end of the year all students get a binding recommendation (in Dutch BSA: Bindend Studie Advies) about whether or not to proceed with the programme. Normally you will get a positive recommendation if you have at least scored 45 EC of the first year's 60 EC (University College Twente, BSc. Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences (ATLAS) has an exception, there the score must be 60 out of 60 of the first year). However, the recommendation is not based on scores alone. Special circumstances such as illness or other personal aspects are also taken into account.

A negative recommendation is binding and means that you will not be able to continue the programme. This procedure is aimed at getting everyone in the right place as quickly as possible.

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