Whether you are a degree seeking prospect looking for extra support prior to and during your study trajectory or a UT exchange student in search of financial assistance to support your study abroad adventure, you have come to the right office. The Scholarship Office looks after the administration of scholarships within both exchange and degree programs. We support the (financial) administration of scholarships, your grant application, and nomination, the selection of scholarship recipients and exchange students, and grant allocation.

For our UT colleagues, the Scholarship Office team shares expert knowledge and best practices during the definition phase of imlementing new scholarship programmes or developments with existing programmes. We support the overall implementation of PDCA cycles for scholarship programmes in the UT as well as exchange trajectories. Our team undertakes all scholarship processes with thorough quantitative and qualitative (financial) reporting to our scholarship providers, students and in-house stakeholders. 

Degree seeking

If you are enrolled at the UT for a Master, Bachelor or PhD and seek additional funding to support your studies, then please check our Scholarship Finder for financial assistance that applies to your circumstances.

For more information about UT funded scholarships, as well as world wide scholarship programmes, check out our Scholarship Finder:
Scholarship Finder

UT student going abroad

If you are a UT student and you are seeking financial assistance to support your experience abroad (including courses, internships or research projects abroad), please check our Study Abroad pages for funding options.

For more information about opportunities abroad for UT students, as well as possible scholarship programmes, check out our Study Abroad website:
Study Abroad

Who is who at the Scholarship Office?

We have dedicated Scholarship Coordinators for specific scholarship programmes:

Scholarship Programme

Scholarship Coordinator

OKP, StuNed, MSP, UTS, HS (incoming), OTS, Professor de Winter, and Kipaji

Ms. Adrie Scheggetman, and Ms. Melanie van Olffen

Conacyt, LPDP, Senescyt and Colfutoro, or any financial matters

Ms. Yael Veenstra

Erasmus+, TMF, HS (outbound), Student Ambassador Scholarship, VSBfonds, and NAHSS

Ms. Daphne Spaan
Ms. Danielle Mazereeuw, and Ms. Melanie van Olffen

Can't find your scholarship provider in the above list? Not to worry. If you have questions about scholarship programmes for incoming degree seeking students (for example, LPDP, Turkish embassy sponsorship), you are very welcome to contact us via the Student Services desk or the Scholarship Office.