Scholarship Office and International Relations & Partnerships (SOIR)

Welcome to the Scholarship Office and International Relations & PartnErship pages!

Financial support is in abundance and yet seemingly hard to find. So, how do you know you're a match with financial assistance programmes available? And how do you increase your chances of securing financial support for your studies at the University of Twente? More importantly, what are the steps to take when applying for support? And, what are the implications of receiving financial assistance once you are a scholarship recipient and later a successful graduate of the University of Twente? To answer your questions relating to financial assistance, the Scholarship Office and International Relations & Partnerships unit is there to help, provide information and advise you!

Exchange opportunities

During your studies you have ample opportunities to academically explore outside the grounds of the UT campus. The UT offers a wide range of exchange opportunities, inlcuding courses, internships and research projects abroad. In addition, we provide you with support prior to and during your exchange experience. From creating exchange opportunities for you, and supporting you with your application, to applying for financial assistance, we're here to help you with all the steps in your study abroad trajectory.

Our team consists of three units:

Calamity Service - Abroad

The UT has students working and/or studying abroad on a continuous basis. We have an obligation to support the academic well-being of students who are abroad, as well as to assist with their personal security and safety. When posted on international assignments, studying or working abroad, there is a risk that UT students may find themselves confronted by a calamity (such as a flood, a coup d’état, earthquake, tsunami or political unrest) and are either affected by the immediate disaster or by an emotional state of distress. To cater to this group, the UT has formed the Calamity Service - Abroad.

SOIR is the first port of call in case of a calamity abroad involving our student(s) and acts upon the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs' advisory notices, WHO, RIVM, ECDC, CDC news alerts and several private alert portals. We provide students with pre-departure information as well as, one-on-one sessions with health and safety advice. Advice is provided to students before and during their study abroad experience and upon their return the Netherlands. We act as a liaison between faculties and students, and as a partner of the central crisis team. We support our students with the Calamity Service - Abroad phone number (24/7) and e-mail service.

Partner of Unite and Student Union

The UT greatly values the active involvement of international students in the university community. To support these activities, SOIR is a partner of the International Study Associations,  Unite as well as the Student Union. We provide subsidies to these parties in order to support a vivid international and inclusive environment at the UT campus.