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Osiris Study Progress

Student Information Systeem Osiris

At the University of Twente Osiris is the Student Information System (SIS.)
In this system information about the students and their the study progress is registered as well as info about educational programs, minors, exam programs, courses and modules.
Via Osiris students register for courses, modules and minors and they can follow their study progress.

The Key Users Osiris Study Progress of SA&L are responsible for the study progress part of Osiris. Their tasks include giving advise about Osiris matters, processing the exam programs and course information in Osiris, generate Osiris reports, testing new releases and patches and so on.

Manuals, FAQ's and more information about Osiris can be found on the website of the UT educational systems.

For questions about Osiris Study Progress employees can ask their faculties' Key user.
Students can go to Student Services .

Behavioural, Management and Social sciences (BMS)



Citadel H438

Henriëtte de Haas



Marleen Janssen



Miranda Huiskes-Borghuis



Engineering Technology (ET)

Buitenhorst 215/216
(Tu. CI H436)

Olaf Eppink (ATLAS)



Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)

Citadel H436

Edwin Lodder ( & Honours Programme)



Olaf Eppink  (ATLAS)



Science & Technology (S&T)

Buitenhorst 217/218
(Tu. CI H436)

Pinar Sarier-Iz

Mo.- Tu.-We.-Th.