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Operations and management services

Get Operations and management support

At the BMS Lab we offer a range of services to support the needs of the BMS faculty staff and students. Within the services domain of operations and management support we offer the use of our cutting-edge facilities, equipment, software and data storage and processing services. Read more about these below. Further information about our facilities, software and equipment can also be found on our other pages. 

Our Main Operations and Management Services:

  • Use of our Facilities

    The BMS Lab has 10 cutting-edge research facilities specially designed to support a range of research experiments and studies with participants. Read more about these specialised lab spaces on our facilities page:

  • Lending of Equipment & Software

    The BMS Lab has a wide range of equipment and software that can be reserved for research, projects or courses. Depending on the scope the lab may provide alternatives to the equipment’s you require or acquire the specific requests. After deliberation, the aquisition of new equipment is done pro-actively based upon signals received by the lab, developments in the market or after inquiries by researchers and educators.

    For Students: Request Equipment for your Studies

    The BMS Lab also provides equipment to aid students in their studies if they study at the BMS faculty. A registered project with us is not needed for these. Instead students can acquire a 'Project Number' from their study association to complete the reservation process.

  • Data Storage & Processing

    As part of the best practices and extensive guidelines of The University of Twente, the BMS Lab provides data storage and processing facilities to researchers and students that have a project signed up with us. 

    We provide three main services in this domain:

    • Remote Data Storage

      Secure, centralised and remotely accessible data storage for your research project. These are accessible via student or employee credentials with the University VPN. There is no size limit, but include estimated storage size needed when requesting.

    • Mobile Data Storage

      Decentralised data storage option when either collecting or transporting data to another party. The BMS Lab provides secure mobile (USB) storage devices for research.

    • Hardware for Data Processing

      Access to (decentralised, powerful and secure hardware to process your data on. Whether researchers are involved with modelling, rendering, collecting data or other forms of data processing.

    Request our remote data storage services by filling out this form after having registered your project with us. For the reservation of a mobile storage device, computer or another hardware, follow the equipment reservations protocol above.

  • Finding Funding

    Another area where our team is able to support in, is in finding funding for your research, writing of this proposal and in the application process of this. 


Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  • How can I make use of the lab's equipment or facilities?

    Every use of the lab's facilities or equipment requires the registration of a project, a reservation for the equipment or lab spaces and approval from the lab's team. The BMS Lab uses a web form to guide interested parties through the process of registering and approving a project and reserving the needed facilities.

    Please note that the process from receiving the request to approval of request can take up to 5 business days and that projects may only start after receiving approval. The facilities of The BMS Lab are available (mostly) for free for students and employees of the BMS faculty of the University of Twente.

  • Can I use equipment outside of the BMS Lab?

    It is allowed to bring equipment from the BMS Lab with you outside of the lab for research or educational purposes. Do however note that the lab has limited insurance coverage outside of its facilities.

  • How do I check availability of an equipment or facility?

    This can be seen on the reservation page. Browse through the calendar in the period your are interested and see if your preferred item is already reserved.

  • What If I am late in returning or want to extend the renting period of an equipment?

    If you foresee that you need to use the equipment or software for longer than you indicated when lending it, you will need to inform the BMS Lab of this. It is always possible to extend the lending period, however approval of this is dependent on incoming reservations for said equipment. Please come by or send us an email if you wish to extend.

  • When can I make use of the BMS Labs services, equipment and facilities?

    The BMS Lab aims to aid students and researchers at the University of Twente’s BMS faculty in their research and education. We provide support by supplying and advising on the use of technology in research. Most of our services are free for BMS faculty staff and students. Students and staff members can use our sign-up procedure to request both our expertise and facilities for use in their research, projects or educational activities.

    BMS faculty students or staff members
    The lab will generally try to honour requests that fit within the guidelines and meet the requirements. Furthermore, the lab requires adequate provisions for secure data management (read more about this on our policy page). Moreover, the educational or research activity should be officially part of the BMS faculty. This means that students that are supervised by a BMS faculty staff member in their research can in most cases use the lab’s facilities as well.

  • How do I sign up for a project?

    Follow the following steps:

    • Go to the project sign-up page.
    • Follow the instructions listed on-screen and fill in the form.
    • Once complete, you can proceed to reserve your equipment from the e-mail you’ve received or the on page instructions.
    • Having difficulties? Read the How to reserve equipment? / How to reserve lab space? pages for more information.
    • You will receive a confirmation by the BMS Lab within 5 work days.

    Please note that in some cases we require additional information or documents that are otherwise missing. We will contact you by e-mail and can only proceed to review your sign-up and/or reservation request once the information is complete and correct.

  • Can I use The BMS Lab if I am not part of the BMS faculty or am an external company?

    We love to cooperate with other researchers. We are funded by the university to support the work of BMS faculty staff members and students. In some cases, a non-BMS student can still freely use our facilities. For example, when a student is supervised by a BMS faculty staff member in their research. Furthermore, research or educational activities conducted without the co-operation of the BMS faculty, but that fit within the labs scope and focus, can of course inquire about using our facilities. In those cases, there might be a need for financial compensation in exchange for use of the lab’s facilities or expertise for favorable rates for University of Twente personnel and students.

    External companies
    External companies are welcome to do an inquiry. Such inquiries will be evaluated.

    Do you have questions about this subject? Or, are you not part of the BMS faculty and interested in using our equipment, expertise or facilities? Then feel free to contact us.

  • What do I need to know about the insurance coverage?

    The lab’s lending and usage conditions specify that the lender is fully responsible and liable for the equipment in their care. In this case it thus also means that the lender is liable for any and all damages. Equipment valued (price when bought new) over 2.000 Euros is therefore not allowed to be taken off campus and in some cases not even outside of the BMS Labs facilities. Are you looking to use BMS Lab equipment outside of the lab's facilities in the Cubicus building at the University of Twente campus?

    Is the total value (if bought new) of the equipment under 2.000 Euros? Then indicate your desire to bring it outside of the lab facilities when you register your project on the sign-up page (before you select and reserve your equipment).

    Is the value (when bought new) of the equipment you are looking to use over 2.000 Euros? Then indicate this desire when you register your project. You might as a result:

    • Be limited in your use of or travel with the equipment.
    • Need to insure the equipment for the value of the equipment when bought new.
    • Need to arrange safe and secure storage or return the equipment each day.
    • Have your request rejected.

    Employees of the University of Twente can often more easily use equipment outside of the BMS Lab’s facilities, as their department can take over the liability.

Do you have questions?

Are you not sure how to proceed? Or, are you not sure that the project fits with the lab? Then please contact us and provide us with information we can use to evaluate your proposal. More importantly, please include as much information from the form as possible.