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Equipment for studying

students from the BMS faculty can borrow equipment to facilitate their studying. 

Students of the BMS faculty can borrow select items of equipment which are aimed at facilitating their studying without registering projects. At the BMS Lab, you may borrow E-ink tablets or kits to record and stream online classes or presentations. You may borrow the equipment for 90 days with the opportunity to extend the period for one quarter. All you will need is to be a BMS faculty-student and a valid project number (oftentimes from your study's association).

Book studying equipment here
Booking site
BMS Faculty student, but not part of a study association? Then, you can use the project number 8000001819 !


Before booking the equipment, please familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of the BMS Lab for lending equipment. In addition, please read the instructions on the booking page carefully. Note that the reservation is not finalised until you receive a confirmation email. It takes us about five days to review the submission.