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Access to CBS microdata

In November 2015 the University of Twente and Statistics Netherlands (CBS) signed a partnership agreement. Thanks to this agreement our researchers can now take advantage of the extensive data collections of CBS. The CBS data hold all data collected by Dutch government and a lot of public bodies.

There are three ways to make use of the CBS data:

  • CBS StatLine database: more than 3400 freely and directly available statistical datasets, consisting mainly of tables and figures. These data are based on observations and can be used to gain insight into phenomena in Dutch society or to formulate, monitor and evaluate policies.
  • CBS StatLine Open Data: statistical data in StatLine can be provided in the form of datasets via Open Data.
  • CBS Microdata: anonymized data at the level of private individuals or companies. These data are more detailed and more specific than the StatLine data, and can even be combined with your own datasets. You analyse the microdata of CBS from any secure workplace via a secure Internet connection (Remote Access). More specific information on accessing Microdata can be found in the CBS service catalogue and the Microdata guidelines. An overview of available Microdata can be found in the Microdata catalogue. To get permission to use the CBS Microdata, follow the steps described below.


All microdata will remain in the secure CBS environment. Researchers only have access to the data needed for their own research. Researchers use the secure environment made available to them, in which they can store draft versions, syntaxes and output. If they wish to export (draft) results from the secured environment, the export will be carried out by CBS, for more information see here. CBS will verify that the results do not contain any identifiable data.

Please note:

  • The entire process (from handing in your first research proposal to actually accessing the data you required) may take a few weeks, depending on the exact request.
  • There are costs involved in using CBS Microdata (see “tariff structure”, service catalogue). The fees which apply to microdata research depend on the number of participating researchers, the number of dataset subjects and the duration of the project, among others. Funding support for the costs of using CBS Microdata for your project may be available if its complies with the BMS research focus. For more information contact Lyan Kamphuis-Blikman.  

Request permission to use CBS Microdata:

  1. Hand in your research proposal (describing research design and questions) and a completed Data Management plan at Lyan Kamphuis-Blikman.
  2. To apply for access to Microdata you have to submit an application form to start a research project. Please fill in the excel application form research project and mail this to You don’t have to fill in the form completely when it’s your first application, CBS will contact you and help you further.
  3. Formulate the research project together with CBS, specifying the required datasets and costs
  4. Contact Lyan Kamphuis-Blikman to come to an agreement about the costs

Using the CBS remote access terminal:

As from 1 July 2017 CBS has changed the procedures for analyse of the CBS microdata via Remote Access. Instead of the Remote Access facility at Ravelijn, CBS now works with a personal token and password, which can be used from any secure workplace via a secure Internet connection.

Working with microdata requires adherence to a number of rules. These can be found in the document ‘Rules for using the RA facility’. In addition, CBS pursues a sanctioning policy. For more information, see the ‘Remote Access sanctioning policy’ document’