Research GDPR Registration

UT Data Processing Registertool

The UT is responsible for keeping a register of all processing of personal data. Every researcher/student is responsible for administrating his/her own research at this register. 

A data processing register is a record of which personal data you process and who you share this data with. If you collect personal data for your research, you must record this in the data processing register.
The responsible owner of the registration must report the processing via the GDPR registration tool.   

If you are starting a new research project that uses personal data, you must record in the data processing register tool how you will process the data. You can use your data management plan as a source to describe how you expect to process the data and (if applicable) which agreements you have reached.

Students bachelor/master-thesis 

In any graduation study involving personal data, the supervisor must inform the student of internal appointments and safe practices and indicate the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). The supervisor points out to the student what is expected of him / her when working with personal data. More information about this, such as the guidelines privacy rules and the poster Personal data research protocol’ is available at the UT Privacy website

If the student process personal data in their bachelor/master-thesis: 

The Privacy Contact Person (PCP) of your faculty is able to support you. 

Processing can be registered using the tool:
GDPR register