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PhD Defence Peter van der Linde

on electrolytic bubbles

Peter van der Linde is a PhD student in the research group Mesoscale Chemical Systems. His supervisor is prof.dr. J.G.E. Gardeniers from the Faculty of Science and Technology.

A better understanding of electrolysis-driven bubble evolution stages is provided: namely the nucleation, growth, and detachment. Superhydrophobic cavities were used to predefine the onset location of electrolytic bubbles on substrates. Using single and multiple superhydrophobic cavities on substrates allowed the elucidation of dissolved gas boundary layer phenomena associated to bubble evolution and the electric potential response caused by detaching electrolytic bubbles in the electrolysis of water. The complex bubble evolution during the electrolysis of water has been compared in experimental and theoretical work with the well-understood evolution of CO2 bubbles in pressure driven supersaturation.