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Applied Nanophotonics

Group Meetings - Applied Nanophotonics

Unless announced otherwise, each first Thursday of the month there is an ANP meeting. The meetings start at 11:00 with two 20 minutes talks (reserving half that time for discussions) and ends with a poster discussion lasting till ~12:30.

The idea of the poster session is to have an extremely low threshold to bring “posters”: Anything scientific of interest to your ANP colleagues can be presented. Think of a new research idea, a new setup drawing, puzzling new data or pictures from a manuscript ready to submit. A3 or larger is preferred for easy visibility but not obligatory. Bringing the same or similar material a second time is OK!

These group meetings are synchronized with the SRO meetings of

  • Enabling technologies (normally 2nd Thursday of a month)
  • Nanomaterials for Energy (normally 3rd Thursday of a month)