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Leading research into photonics

The largest concentration of opticians in the Netherlands work together in the Photonics Research Area at the University of Twente. Experts from different disciplines work together in research and development of (components for) optical chips, the development of microscopic techniques and the application of optics in sensing, manufacturing and imaging. Theory, experiment and application go together.

In our cluster, around eighty researchers are, among other things, engaged in research into photonic crystals in which light can be trapped, unbreakable security solutions based on quantum physica, advanced mirrors for the chip industry and extremely precise, miniscule lasers that can be used on chips. Moreover, our researchers in this domain work on cheap, light-based sensors that can be used to screen for traces of cancer or to check water pollution levels on a large scale.

Infrastructure and ecosystem

Thanks to our superior infrastructure, like the MESA+ Nanolab – the largest nanolab in the Netherlands – and the open culture, the Nanophotonics domain at MESA+ is among the best in the world. Our researchers and (PhD)-students come from all over the world. In our leading research, we actively cooperate with influential companies like Philips, ASML, LioniX and Thales.

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