Chair of Laser Processing


At the Chair of Laser Processing we study the fundamental physical phenomena occurring during laser-material interaction, in order to optimize laser-material processing for laser-based manufacturing. Our two focus areas include: (i) material processing using ultra short pulsed laser sources for micro- and nano-machining, and (ii) laser cladding and additive manufacturing (3D printing) using high power laser sources.

Based on the knowledge gained, we develop means and methods for monitoring/sensing and control of laser-material processing.

Our research results (projects and publications) provide key enabling technologies for numerous new applications and innovative laser-based manufacturing.

We teach several (laser-related) courses in the Bachelor and Master programmes of the University of Twente.

We are a group consisting of curiosity driven senior and junior scientists, which are well embedded within the department of Mechanics of Solids, Surfaces & Systems (MS3).