TELT Newsletter #11 - Launching new pilots

The TELT team is bringing you the latest news about technological innovations for learning and teaching at the University of Twente.

Who are we?

The UT established the TELT team in January 2016. TELT stands for Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching. We are a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in online learning, flipped classroom, video for education, digital assessment and more. Our mission is to assist our lecturers to improve their teaching practices with the use of new technologies for teaching and learning. You can visit our website if you would like to know more about our expertise.

Peer assessment with Buddycheck

Need more insight in the individual performance of students that work in groups? TELT has recently started a new pilot with a tool called Buddycheck, a tool that provides self-assessment and peer assessment on the group work process. We’re still looking for teachers who want to try out this tool during this academic year.

Edubadges: digital certificates for education

TELT is currently executing a pilot with Edubadges. An Edubadge can be seen as a digital certificate; a proof that you have acquired specific knowledge or mastered certain skills. This pilot is facilitated by SURF: together with 16 other universities, we’re trying out the infrastructure that SURF has created for this purpose.


Is it possible to improve your presentation skills with the use of virtual reality? TELT is contributing to a research project that aims to find out. We’re still looking for engineering students that would like to participate in this study!

Exploring learning analytics

Learning analytics have attracted much attention as a promising approach for advancing our understanding of the learning process. However, numerous questions still exist. To properly assess the added value of learning analytics for the UT and to get some hands-on experience for ourselves, we’re currently setting up a new pilot.

News from the MOOC market

We’re happy to announce that, with a total of more than 1655 learners and 658 active contributors, the latest run of the eHealth MOOC has officially been a success. Furthermore, a new run of the Supply Chain Innovation MOOC has started. 

Do you feel inspired and want to start developing your own MOOC? Contact Peter Groothengel, he can assist you from idea to production!

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