TELT is currently contributing to a research project about presentation skills training with virtual reality (VR). Are you an engineering student and do you want to perfect your presentation skills? We’re still looking for students that would like to participate in this study! Information on how to join can be found below.


TELT is currently contributing to a research project about VR presentation skills training. The application that is used for this project is called Ovation VR. With Ovation VR, students can train their presentation skills by presenting for virtual audiences. The aim of this project is to develop instruction and materials that facilitate and support using VR effectively in engineering curricula. Furthermore, the research aim of this project is to provide insight into the user experience and into the effectiveness of the developed training, materials, and instruments.

Why Ovation VR

Do you want to give convincing presentations? Do you want to feel confident and in control in front of your audience? Do you want to engage your audience and deliver a message that sticks? Then this VR training facility might be something for you. With the help of VR technology, you will find yourself on a virtual stage in front of a virtual audience. Here you can practice your presentation and your presentation skills as many times as you want, without having to worry that your audience gets tired.  

How to use

Training sessions take up a maximum of 75 minutes. Prior to the training session you prepare your own presentation and PowerPoint slides. When you enter the training session you will receive instructions about how to use the VR equipment. You can import your slides into the VR environment, so you can project your slides on a virtual screen behind you on the virtual stage. You will also receive guidelines for the training of different skills (e.g. eye contact, hand gestures, voice tone). You can use the VR headset to practice your presentation multiple times. Each time, you present for about 5 minutes. Instruments are available that can be used to rate your skills and to set goals for further improvement. This helps you to focus, to work on specific skills, and to monitor your progress.  


Are you an engineering student and are you interested to join a (free) virtual reality training session? Sessions can be booked via this link or by contacting Chiara Baldo ( Note that this training is part of a research project, please read the brochure before you join!

For more information about the research project, please visit the project page, or contact us via