The Buddycheck pilot runs until the end of August. Interested in using Buddycheck? There are still a few places available for piloting. Please contact us for more information.


Students are increasingly working and learning in groups. However, teachers need a measured understanding of individual performance in group work for grading. This makes the learning process more transparent and effective.
Buddycheck is a web-based app for teachers to create peer assessments in their course. Buddycheck is available in Canvas. 

Why Buddycheck

With the help of Buddcheck, teachers and students gain more insight in their own performance and the group process. Students fill in a questionnaire about their own performance and the performance of their peers. The standard questions are based on academic research on group dynamics. Teachers get an overview of the process and can share these results with the students as a starting point for discussion in the group. 

Student view: Buddycheck peer and self-assessment questionnaire
Student view: Examples of results

How to use

If the pilot is successful, Buddycheck is expected to become available for general use at the UT. No software is required to use Buddycheck; it is integrated in Canvas.


Teaching staff who would like to know more about Buddycheck can contact us via