EduBadges is currently being tested by the department of CELT and the UT Student Union. The pilot will be evaluated after Q1 2020.


An Edubadge is a form to demonstrate retrieved knowledge and skills. An Edubadge can be seen as a digital certificate. The design of the badge represents information about the issuer and the obtained knowledge and skills. This digital information cannot be copied or changed.

Because we use badges in education, we call them EduBadges.


EduBadges can be used to encourage students in non-regular educational programs.

Badges can be managed online in a so-called "Backpack", and can be published on social media like LinkedIn, which makes the the usage of Edubadges interesting. You can publish (a subset) of your badges, which could be used during job applications, which enables the employer to see your obtained skills & knowledge. The "backpack" where the badge resides contains much more information about the obtained skills compare to a paper certificate, and the authencity is verifiable.


The UT is collborating together with SURF on the pilot EduBadges. SURF provides a Badge infrastructure for the participating universities. Edubadges links to another SURFpilot called "EduID". EduID is an student oriented personal identity, which is university independant. This enables the students to study independant of university structures. This supports the life long learning.

To use and collect Edubadges, an EduID is required. This is your personal identity which gives you the opportunity to store obtained badges.


If you are interesting in using EduBadges in your education, you can contact the UT projectleader Karen Slotman.

EduBadges Projectleader
drs. K.M.J. Slotman (Karen)
Educational Consultant, Educational Consultant Faculty EEMCS