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Sustainability on campus

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A sustainable organization

On the topic of sustainability, the University of Twente wants to lead by example. Our goal is to have a sustainable campus, in all facets of our business operations. Together with our students, employees, suppliers and other partners, we take action to make sustainability a natural part of our daily lives at the university.

We want to become a sustainable organization by 2030. To achieve this ambition, we have launched the Sustainability, Energy & Environment (SEE) programme, a university-wide programme for managing and improving our performance as a sustainable organization. Through the SEE programme, we work to achieve a lasting reduction of our consumption of energy and raw materials, reduce our carbon emissions through organizational and technical measures as well as minimalizing the impact of UT’s activities on the air, soil and water.

As a university, we lead by example. We consider sustainability to be a precondition for everything we do.

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