Travel and mobility


Sustainable mobility

The impact of travel & mobility on our CO2 footprint is substantial. Commuting and business travel together contribute around 10.000 tonnes of CO2 per year. This is 31% of the CO2-footprint of the University of Twente. Therefore, mobility is one of the priority areas to focus on for improving the sustainability of our organisation.

The basic principles of sustainable mobility are reducing the CO2 emissions as a result of all forms of travel by employees and students, promote more sustainable modes of travel and alternatives to travel, and compensate emissions of travel that could not be avoided.

Travel & mobility at a glance
  • The UT focuses on promoting sustainable modes of travel: bike and train for commuting, train or electric car whenever possible for business travel
  • From 2025, the UT will compensate 100% of CO2 emission of business travel
  • The campus will become a low-traffic zone to encourage the use of sustainable modes of transportation


Planning Travel & Mobility

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More about travel & mobility

30 KM/h traffic zone campus

To improve traffic safety and encourage cycling, the University Twente has become more bicycle-friendly and the campus was transformed into a 30-km zone in 2022.

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Cycling mission: 10% more commuters by bike

The University of Twente supportst the 'Choose the bicycle'-mission of the Dutch government that aims to get 10% more employees to commute by bicycle  Using a bike as part of the commute (to get to a train station) is also encouraged.


Course 'biking for beginners'

Being able to confidently ride a bike is not only sustainable, it is one of the aspects that supports the integration and participation of international staff and students in the UT community and in the Netherlands overall. Therefore, the UT organises a biking course for international staff and students.


Sustainable mobility plan

The basic principles of sustainable mobility are reducing the CO2 emissions as a result of all forms of travel by employees and students and promote more sustainable modes of travel. The SEE programme has created a Sustainable Mobility plan that describes the current situation, the desired situation and proposes a planning for the period up to 2023.

Measures on campus

The University of Twente has taken many measures in the past to promote sustainable mobility. A full list of these measures can be found here.

What can you do?
  • Come to the UT by foot or by bike.
  • Take the stairs instead of the lift. Too many floors? Then walk on your way down.
  • Carpool to work
  • For medium-distance commutes, consider switching from the car to an e-bike
  • Business travel: see if there is an alternative to air travel (video conferencing or the train)