Food and drinks


Lowering our 'foodprint'

What we eat and drink accounts for 20 to 30 percent of our environmental impact. Choosing vegetarian and vegan options can significantly reduce this footprint. By ensuring a good - and growing - selection of animal-free products is available on campus we work to reduce the footprint of our food. In addition, reducing food packaging and ensuring minimal food waste can make our meals as sustainable as possible. 

Food & drinks at a glance
  • The UT wants to halve the environmental impact of food and drinks served on campus by 2030
  • The default option for work lunches will become vegetarian
  • The UT is working on creating awareness about the impact of food choices


Planning food and drinks

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More about food and drinks

Vegetarian canteen in TechMed Centre

The TechMed Center at the University of Twente has a fully vegetarian and vegan food station. Appèl, the UT's caterer, says that offering a fully vegetarian and vegan selection fulfills a wish of the UT community.

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Student starts petition to veganize the UT

Many vegetarian and vegan students are unsatisfied with the amount of food options available for them on campus, according to student Leon Borgdorf. That’s why he started a petition to have more vegetarian and vegan food on campus.

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UTZ-certified coffee machines

All coffee and chocolate milk in the hot drinks vending machines is UTZ-certified. The tea is either UTZ or Fairtrade-certified. Certification indicates that the product was produced in a sustainable fashion, with attention for social, ecological and economic aspects in the value chain. 


1 September 2018 was Appèl’s first day as UT’s official caterer. The FoodCity catering concept launched on our campus is based on a wide range of sustainable considerations. For more information, click here (Dutch only).

What can you do?
  • Choose vegetarian or vegan options whenever they're available - this immediately reduces your foodprint, and helps to ensure even more options in the future
  • Use your own cup when you're getting coffee, reducing the use of disposable cups
  • Order vegetarian or vegan options when organizing an event or a lunch meeting