(Re-)enrolment & de-enrolment

(Re-)enrolment & de-enrolment

Newsletter enrolment 2018-2019

All the information about enrolment, tuition fees, digital authorization, conditions for payment by authorization, uploading of your digital photo, deadlines and intake moments can be found on the website. On this website you can also find the ‘University of Twente enrolment regulation 2018-2019’. Tthis contains a further explanation of the WHW (Higher Education and Research Act), in which you can find the main rules for your enrolment and the tuition fees.


You will receive a student account from the University of Twente. It’s important to check the email from this account frequently, because we use this account as communication means for all information. If you prefer to make use of your own email account, please arrange that you forward the mail of the UT account to your own account. Please check the status of your enrolment regularly at Studielink and your UT-account!


You will be enrolled when you have met the following requirements:

■ You are admitted.

■ The (certified) required documents are handed in.

■ Tuition fee or premaster amount have been paid by single transfer or (digital) authorization.

■ Fill in your Dutch address in Studielink

All the above has to be arranged before 1 September 2018!


Once you have met the above conditions, you are not automatically enrolled. We will review your request for enrolment and if we agree we will finalize your enrolment. You are enrolled if the status in Studielink (under My study programmes) has changed from <Application submitted> to <Enrolled>. So please keep an eye on your Studielink account to check if your enrolment has been finalized. Keep in mind that there is a processing time.

When you have failed to hand in your enrolment papers on time and completely, this may have the following consequences:

■  You can  apply for the next academic year starting September 2019.

■  You receive your student card and/or proof of enrolment not or later.

■  You don’t receive official confirmation in time.

■  You are unable to enrol on time for exams.

■  You can get problems regarding your student grant.

■  You have to pay a fine due to unauthorized use of your student travel ticket or student grant.

■  When you are not enrolled and have used education-or exam facilities of the University of Twente, you owe the University of Twente compensation. 

Such problems can’t be rectified, as the law prohibits us from backdating your enrolment.


The University of Twente has only a few intake moments.

■      Enrolment for a Bachelor’s programme only per 1 September.

■      Enrolment for a Master’s programme per 1 September or per 1 February.


This means that it’s very important for you as a student to arrange your enrolment and payment of the tuition fee on time. Otherwise we can’t enrol you starting 1 September 2018. The next enrolment date for the Bachelor is 1 September 2019 and for the Master 1 February 2019.


On your correspondence address you will receive the mail from the University of Twente. You can change this address in Studielink. Your new address will appear in the student information system Osiris of the University of Twente automatically.


For more information about tuition fee for the academic year 2018-2019 check our website. For the payment of the premaster check point 9.


You can arrange your payment for the tuition fee by using Studielink.

There are several ways how to pay your tuition fees:

 1.     Payment by (digital) authorization in five equal instalments or all at once
In Studielink it is possible to arrange the payment of your tuition fee. You can pay by digital authorization if you have an European IBAN and your bank is connected to SEPA. If someone else is going to pay for you, he also should have European IBAN connected to SEPA AND his own DigiD .

IBAN   =   International Bank Account Number; a bank account number to standardize international payments within Europe.

SEPA  =   Single Euro Payments Area; the area within Europe where you can make your payments in one way.  If you meet the requirements necessary for paying your tuition fees by authorization, but you are unable to use the digital authorization in Studielink, please sent an email to studentservices@utwente.nl

Do not forget to mention your student number in this email.


2.     Single transfer
In Studielink you have to choose for a method of payment by ‘other method of payment’. If you have chosen for a single transfer you have to transfer the complete amount. Please make use of one of your own transfer forms, attn. University of Twente, stating your name, date of birth and student number.

The complete amount has to be credited to IBAN NL33ABNA0405323972 before 1 September 2018. Please pay attention to a processing time of two weeks into our account.


Name and address of the bank:
Gustav Mahlerlaan 10
1082 PP Amsterdam


It is not permitted to come up with your own payment schedule.

3.     Exemption through certificate of paid tuition fees

In Studielink you have to choose for a method of payment by ‘other method of payment’. If you are already enrolled as a student at a Dutch university or institute of higher vocational education and you pay the statutory tuition fee, the University of Twente accept an original certificate of paid tuition fees. You can hand the original certification in at the desk of Student Services or send it to the following address:


      University of Twente
      Student Services 239B
      Drienerlolaan 5
      7522 NB Enschede
      The Netherlands


For a pre-Master’s programme you pay an amount per EC. For the academic year 2018-2019 this is € 34,34 per EC. The number of EC’s of your pre-Master makes the total amount you have to pay for your pre-Master’s programme. You pay the entire pre-Master amount in one go and in advance. There are two payment methods, namely authorization in one instalment or transfer the money yourself.

Please Note: If you choose in Studielink for payment in five instalments, we will change this into one instalment.


The University of Twente will be enforcing a binding Recommendation on continuation of studies (Binding Study Advice (BSA) for all Bachelor's programs. This means that students who have completed at least 3 modules can continue their programme (standard and procedures for ATLAS students are different).

A certified copy is a photocopy with an official stamp and signature to verify that it is a true copy of the original document. This official stamp and signature may be from a notary or school.  Photocopies or scans of the documents are no legal proof and therefore they can’t be accepted. Certification is meant to counter fraud. 

If the enrolment has been processed by us and if you have uploaded your digital photo via Osiris student, you will receive your student card and two certifications of enrolment by regular mail on your correspondence address as known in Studielink.

See the website what to do if you wish an extra certificate of enrolment, next to the two declarations you have received  from the University of Twente.

NOTE: Students who live in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg will receive their student card by regular mail. Students with an address outside these countries can collect the student card at the Formality Market. After this market you can collect your card at the Student Services Desk. The card will be ready approximately two weeks after you have uploaded your photo in Osiris student  you will receive an email from the Student Services you’re your card is ready.

You can withdraw or cancel your enrolment free of charge, before the start of the academic year. You can arrange this in Studielink before 1 September 2018. From 1 September 2018 it is not possible to de-enrol without any costs.

All these rules regarding your enrolment, de-enrolment and tuition fee are explained in the ‘University of Twente enrolment regulation 2018-2019’.

Regarding all the information about Student Services.