Well-being weeks

Reflect and respect

The well-being weeks are back!

From 9 May to 3 June you’ll have the opportunity to join the workshops, lectures, and (social) activities of the new well-being weeks. This edition’s theme is ‘Reflect and Respect’, which is based on the results of the employee well-being report and other current affairs.

With over 1300 participations in total, last year’s well-being weeks Catch your breath (Spring) and Boost & Balance (Autumn) were a big success! We hope you and your colleagues will enjoy the upcoming edition just as much.

The past two years we have changed our way of working, and the transition from remote working to hybrid working can have a substantial impact on our time schedule and interaction with others. At UT most of us prefer working half of their time on Campus and half at home, but personal preference vary strongly. It  important to reflect on the choices we want to make regarding work, to discuss these with each other and to respect the boundaries from others.

Additionally, the results of the well-being research highlight the importance of improving our work-life balance, since more than half of the employees are not satisfied with their current balance.

We hope the workshops and events throughout the ‘Reflect and Respect’ well-being weeks inspire you in topics that really matter, such as balance, trust, time for reflection and social connections with your colleagues.

Let’s start to reflect with a small question: What is the first thing you can do for yourself or for others today?

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