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"Applied NanoPhotonics: seeing tomorrow in a new light"

Applied Nanophotonics (ANP) started in 2009 as a MESA+ Strategic Research Orientation, led by Pepijn Pinkse. In 2014 ANP continued as a collaboration of the MESA+ photonics groups to address nanooptical research questions together by joining their expertise. ANP continues to foster new research and develops new expertise in a few key areas. ANP scientists meet on a monthly basis in ANP meetings to lively debate the latest nanophotonic developments. By means of these ANP group meetings, ANP colloquia and workshops (see picture), ANP stimulates cooperation between the research groups at MESA+ that have a strong optics focus, including COPS, LPNO, MACS, NBP, OS & VUV, as evidenced by our joint publications. In ANP, the light of tomorrow is developed today!