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Final contract design team of the renovation of Langezijds for ITC Faculty

On 26 September, 2019 the final contract for the design team of the renovation of Langezijds, where ITC faculty will be located, is awarded. The team consists of the architect, installation advisor and the advisor building physics. The following organizations will form this design team: 

·         Architectenbureau VDNDP en CIVIC Architects
·         Valstar Simonis (installation advisor)
·         ARUP (advisor building physics)

More about VDNDP en CIVIC Architects
CIVIC Architects is the project architect and is located in Amsterdam. This firm will be the contact point for the design phase of the renovation of ITC. The firm works together with VDNDP, which is a local party, among others in Enschede, and will  be the design manager as well as the contact for the technical phases in the design of Langezijds.

The combination of these two parties has been selected for the design team, because they have a strong vision on how to realize sustainability and community building in an integral design.

For the design of the ITC building they will work together  with Studio Groen + Schild (interior architect), Schreuders Constructeur and DS Landschapsarchitect.

Both firms accomplished some inspiring projects. Find some relevant examples of VDNDP and of CIVIC Architects.

The installation advisor Valstar Simons
Valstar Simonis has again been selected as a technical installation advisor. The presented vision was just like in the previous tender for the ITC new build, very appealing because of the attention for circular design and the desire to apply innovative techniques. Find examples on their website: https://www.valstar-simonis.nl/projecten.

ARUP as the advisor for building physics
ARUP has been selected as a building physics advisor. This firm will play an important role in advising on how to achieve the formulated BENG requirements and additional energy requirements, which means how to achieve a nearly zero-energy building. As of 2020 all new buildings must comply with the requirements of being a nearly zero-energy building. The formulated vision and the experience of ARUP in this area are promising.  Find here examples of projects where ARUP was involved.  

Next step in the designing process
The designing process starts with a sketch design, followed by a preliminary design and then a final design. We expect the designing phase will take till spring next year.  

Of course we will again include your input during this process, by forming a project team with the above mentioned parties together with a representation of staff and student members of ITC and our project manager from Campus & Facility Management (Rob Nengerman).

More information
Follow al the updates on the ITC new build project and other housing projects on the campus via: www.utwente.nl/itc-rehousing 

If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to contact the chair of the ITC Working group housing: Annemarie Arets (a.m.meulman@utwente.nl)