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ITC's Kronkel renovated and moves to campus World famous symbol prepped for trip to Langezijds

In April this year, the ITC Faculty will move from Hengelosestraat to the campus of University of Twente. The iconic ‘Kronkel’ will also move with it. In week 12, starting Monday 20 March, ‘De Kronkel’ will be cleaned and renovated, after which it will move to the north side of Langezijds, in front of the main entrance on the O&O square.

Sculptor Charles Hammes designed the so-called Kronkel for the Institute’s premises. This became the ITC logo and is recognized throughout the world. A broad continuous strip represents the Earth, around which a figure that can be seen as a bird or an airplane is flying ‒ symbolizing aerial mapping. When ITC moved from its original location in Delft to Enschede, de Kronkel moved alongside.

It soon became a tradition for groups of graduating students to have themselves photographed in front of this statue. Consequently, many thousands of former students around the world own a photograph depicting this work of art. We can therefore say with certainty that ‘De Kronkel’ deserves the predicate 'world-famous'.