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Starting European tender ITC design team

On 12 April the European Tender started again to select a new design team. This change in teams has been prompted by the changed assignment from constructing a new building towards renovating an existing building.

We expect to announce the final selection of a design team approximately in September this year.

The design team will consist of architects, engineers and advisors that will be involved with the design of the new ITC building.

After awarding the final contract, the design team will follow the familiar phases in design, starting with a sketch design, followed by a preliminary and then a final design. This phase usually takes about a year. In the former process we already received a lot of your input, also through the workshops with Titia van den Berg on the work space concepts. This input will be used by the design team, as well as the programme requirements we already agreed on.

More information
Follow al the updates on the ITC new build project and other housing projects on the campus via: www.utwente.nl/itc-rehousing.

If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to contact the chair of the ITC Working group housing: Annemarie Arets