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Invitation to meet the Design Team of ITC’s new housing Inspirational visit and workshops

Invitation to meet the Design Team of ITC’s new housing on 3 December, inspirational visit and workshops

Meet the Design Team on 3 December 2019
On Tuesday 3 December, 14:00-14:20 hours, the members of the Design Team will present themselves to the ITC community in the Auditorium. This is a great opportunity to become familiar with the designers of our new home base on campus. They will give an insight on their way of working, show some inspirational reference projects and will try to answer the questions you have in this designing phase. We hope to welcome you all!

Inspirational visit of LocHal in Tilburg
Last Wednesday, 20 November, the working group housing ITC and the design team of the renovation of Langezijds visited the LocHal in Tilburg which was successfully renovated by the architects we engaged.

The LocHal is a very interesting reference building. It concerns an old building where the existing carcass has remained intact and an inspiring working and living environment has been created. In the LocHal a genuine "living room for the Tilburger" has been realized, giving inspiration to the feel we would like to achieve for ITC as well.

Here you can find an impression of the building.

In the afternoon, the design team also organized a workshop. In which the working group housing has drafted a mock-up proposal for the floor plan, considering the relation between departments, laboratories, education activities and support services. The design team will use the results as input for the design of the floor plan.

More workshops

More workshops will be organized by the design team concerning themes such as energy, sustainability, building concept, smart buildings, and on the floorplan.  Specific staff and students will be asked to join upon invitation.

All staff is invited to join the workshop LOOK AND FEEL that will be held at the Grotiusgebouw of the Radboud University on 17 December 2019. Ester Schreibelt (Studio Groen+Schild Interior design) will try to define how our wishes and requirements will best fit the Langezijds building. Of course transport will be arranged. If you would like to attend please send an email to Ellen Steur.

Defining a new workplace concept for the new housing.
In 2018 Titia van den Berg  from Identity Consult analysed, what the ideal workplace concept for ITC could be. She came up with 3 possible scenarios for scientific staff and 1 preferred scenario for support staff.  The design team for the new housing of ITC in Langezijds had a first meeting on 8 October 2019.  Immediately they requested a decision concerning the workplace concept for the scientific staff, as this impacts the design of the building. The Faculty Board made a decision to strive for a combination of two of the scenarios of office concepts. Some singular and more shared rooms will be created, that are designed to fit the activity of the staff.

More information
Follow al the updates on the ITC new build project and other housing projects on the campus via: www.utwente.nl/itc-rehousing
If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to contact the chair of the ITC Working group housing: Annemarie Arets (a.m.meulman@utwente.nl)

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