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Lunch walk 2019

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LUNCH walk: monday 7, tuesday 8 and wednesday 9 october

It is important to stay physically and mentally healthy. Nutritious food, plenty of exercise and proper relaxation help you to stay balanced. Taking a lunch walk is a great way to boost your health and wellbeing: you’ll get your daily exercise and soak up some vitamin D, which is vital for your locomotive system, your immune system, and your mood.

The “Gezond en Sterk op het Werk” (Healthy and Strong at Work) university project is organising a LUNCH WALK for all employees, on Monday 7, Tuesday 8 and Wednesday 9 October 2019.

These lunch walks start at the “Gezonde Week” (Healthy Week) stand on the O&O square TechMed Centre and participants can start between 12:00h and 13:00h. The walk will take about an hour.

During the walk, you will visit the TechMed Centre. You can enjoy a fully fully homemade organic lunch at Stichting Boerderij ‘De Viermarken’ (Foundation Viermarken farm). The route will then take you across the Viermarken premises and lead you back to the Campus, all within approx. 1 hour.

You will also receive a small gift to commemorate your participation.

Preregistration for this activity is required in connection with the catering.

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