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Well-being weeks 2021

well-being weeks - Catch your breath

Welcome on the website about the brand new well-being weeks

For years, you have been able to participate in the healthy weeks. This concept has been renewed, and from now on it will be organized several times a year as 'well-being weeks'. During these weeks, various activities will be organized in the context of well-being. Special attention will be paid to your job enjoyment, vitality, physical and mental health, as well as on relaxation. 

The first well-being weeks between April 19th – May 21st have the theme "catch your breath". After a year of working from home and corona measures, many people are ready for a breath of fresh air. During the months of April and May people will also have more time for this, as we have a number of days off (King's Day, Liberation Day, Ascension Day). 

During these five weeks you can choose from a large selection of workshops, lectures, exercises and activities varying from yoga to painting workshops! 

We hope you will enjoy participating in the well-being weeks, and take the time to catch our breath together. 

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Activities for relaxation

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Workshops and lectures

Courses for employees

We hope that you will make use of those amazing activities!

Do you want to sign-up for an activity but the maximum amount of participants is reached? Then register for the waitinglist via the button below. If there is enough enthusiasm and interest we try to organize the activities multiple times.  

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