Great Negotiators

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Great negotiators

The Master Honours programme track “Great Negotiators” is a unique programme that aims to develop students’ negotiation and communication skills by executing numerous simulations, exercises, and extensive study of the academic body of knowledge in negotiation and ethical conflict management.

This programme is internationally renowned for its excellence in producing graduates who perform exceptionally well in negotiations on top-tier levels in international competition settings, and in real life in both the public and private sectors.

The programme concludes with a student-organised graduation conference, complete with final project presentations and student-run negotiation exhibitions. Examples of final projects can be qualifying for and partaking in an international negotiation competition, entering real-life (business/academic) negotiations, or reporting on the preparation, performance, and execution of the overall negotiation process.

In a cross-disciplinary environment, participants will establish the theoretical foundation of negotiation, reflect on the current state of research, acquire the interpersonal skills needed to negotiate and apply this knowledge in a global negotiation challenge. With this approach, a widely applicable and academically founded course can be offered that helps you develop negotiation skills and put your knowledge into practice.

In the programme, you will further develop your theoretical knowledge, attitudes, and skills related to negotiation and communication. You will gain insights into dealing with complex and hostile opposing parties, making substantiated decisions, and building generally applicable negotiation strategies. This programme will provide you with the tools that will enable you to get more of what you want in any aspect of your life.

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dr. H. Kizgin (Hatice)
Coordinator Great Negotiators
prof.dr. E. Giebels (Ellen)
Coordinator Great Negotiators