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4TU.Responsible Sustainability Challenge

Work with students from other Dutch universities to solve real-life sustainability challenges

After the success of last year's pilot, we are happy to host the 4TU.Responsible Sustainability Challenge (4TU.RSC) once more together with the Delft University of Technology and the Eindhoven University of Technology! This extracurricular brings academia to industry within a network of experts.

Within the 4TU.RSC track, students from all three universities work together on a real-life challenge regarding sustainability! After matching with a case, you will work together with your team to investigate and address an issue regarding sustainability at an external organisation. Through the course of 3 modules, you provide an unbiased, professional, and academic look into the broad issue that the organisation provides you with to determine the exact underlying problems you can address. You also shape your own learning path and team contribution through our expert network and micro-courses. Learn how to structure complex problems, think out-of-the-box, and work together in a multidisciplinary team of students from all three universities. This challenge will improve your professional capabilities and can help you make a difference both for your personal growth as well as within the organisation you are working with. A true challenge for excellent students!

Interested? Check out the programme, join one of our promotion sessions, or contact us for more information!

University of Twente
prof. M. Shahi (Mina)
University of Twente coordinator 4TU.RSC Master Honours track
Delft University of Technology
dr. S.T. Abrahami (Shoshan)
Delft University of Technology coordinator of 4TU.RSC Master Honours track
Eindhoven University of Technology
dr. M. RÜCKER (Maja)
Eindhoven University of Technology coordinator of 4TU.RSC Master Honours track