PLUS and STAR Programmes

STAR programmes are deepening programmes for talented bachelor's students.

The PLUS and STAR programmes are part of specific bachelor's programmes and are meant for those who want to gain more knowledge and experience within their own domain.


The STAR-programme is aimed at motivated COM, IBA, ID, MST and PSY students who belong to the best 10% of their cohort. In modules 2 to 6 of the bachelor's programme, students can distinguish themselves by doing a more challenging and more in-depth STAR-Project instead of their regular module project. The selection of students is organised per module.

  • Communication Science

    For more information, please visit this page.

  • International Business Administration

    For first and second-year international business administration students, more information could be found on this page.

  • Management, Society & Technology

    Please contact your study advisor for more information.

  • Psychology

    Depending on your performance, you can be selected for a Star Programme. This programme is available in several modules and the idea is that you acquire more in depth knowledge within the field of psychology. Participating in the Star Programme entails working on a more challenging, in depth, project with other excellent and motivated students. Successful participation results in being awarded a 'star', which will be stated on your diplomasupplement.