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Admission & Application

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The Bachelor Honours programme is more demanding than regular courses. For this reason, there is a selection procedure before you can take part in the programme. In this selection, not only your study results and achievements but also your motivation is important. Excellent grades do, therefore, not always lead to direct admission. This is because we expect a lot of input from you yourself to get everything out of the programme. Nevertheless, results also play a role as we expect that you will not have any troubles completing your regular studies while following the programme. Therefore, there are minimum requirements you must meet if you want to take part in the programme.

Choose two tracks

When applying, you will be asked to indicate your first and second preferred track. Usually, you will be admitted to the track of your first choice.

However, there might be reasons to admit you to the track of your second choice (e.g. because of suitability reasons or space limitations).

Rikkert Harink
Certification & Pinning Ceremony Bachelor Honours programme 2019


To participate in the Bachelor Honours programme, you need to belong to some of the best students in your study. At the start of the Honours programme, you need to have successfully completed all your modules until now, unless you are able to show that you have legitimate reasons for not meeting this requirement (like activism, illness, etc.) Besides that, you need to have a considerable amount of free time besides your regular studies to follow the programme.

Students will only be admitted to the Bachelor Honours programme if they:

  • Are a first or second-year student, following one or more UT-Bachelor programme(s).
  • Have a nominal study progress for the UT-Bachelor programme(s) they follow at the moment of admission.
  • Belong to the top 10% of their study cohort (for most studies, this means an average grade of 7.0-7.5 or higher)

In the summer holiday (after 2 quartiles), the admitted Honours students will be screened again. They are allowed to continue participating in the Bachelor Honours programme if they have:

  • A nominal study progress for the UT-Bachelor programme(s) they follow at the moment of screening.
  • Successfully finished all the Honours modules they have participated in.

In exceptional cases, the Honours Dean may deviate from these requirements on an individual basis.

Application & Selection

 Honours candidates are selected based on:

  • The average grade for the UT-Bachelor programme(s) a candidate follows at the moment of admission.
  • An interview with a teacher from the track of your choice or with the Honours Office.
  • A motivation letter, discussing the following questions:¬†
    1) What are your passions and talents?
    2) What extracurricular activities have you participated in?
    3) How do you want to develop as a person, and how might the Honours programme help you?
    4) What is your definition of Honours?
    5) Which tracks did you choose (first and second choice), and why did you choose these tracks?

    When writing your letter, please consider the following:
    1) The letter should consist of 500-750 words.
    2) The letter has to be a PDF.
    3) The letter should have your student number as the file name (e.g. s1234567).
The application for 2019-2020 is closed.