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The Bachelor Honours programme is a challenging opportunity for well-performing students who can and would like to do more next to their studies. Within our selection procedure, we consider both your motivation and study results/achievements. Excellent grades do, therefore, not always lead to immediate admission, as we expect a lot of motivation and engagement from students to get everything out of the programme. Nonetheless, we check your study progress to ensure that you would be able to take on the additional workload (5 ECTS per module on top of your regular studies) without getting a study delay. Hence, there are minimum requirements that students must meet if they want to take part in the programme, described below.

Choosing two tracks - but admission to only one!

When applying for the Bachelor Honours programme, it is important that there is a strong match between the applicant and their preferred track. The Honours programme itself is a unique opportunity, but you will get the most out of your own development if you are truly engaged with the topic. During the selection procedure, you will therefore be asked to provide your first and second preferred track. An interview with a teacher from the first-choice track will be provided. Should this interview prove that you are suitable for the Honours programme but there is no match with the track, the coordinator of your first choice track may recommend you to your second choice track. If you are only interested in one track, you may indicate this during your application. Selecting one or two preferred tracks does not influence your chances of being admitted into your first-choice track.

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Certification & Pinning Ceremony Bachelor Honours programme 2019


The Honours programme is a unique opportunity to broaden your horizon, learn to understand and continuously direct your personal development and get experience in multidisciplinary problem-solving together with a like-minded group of peers. Students often flourish in our programme and take their skills with them to their regular studies (or to their study association, student team, in their work etc.). In our experience, therefore, the Honours programme benefits your regular study rather than obstructs it. However, we do ask a commitment of students to take on the additional workload (we recommend having at least 8 hours a week for self-study outside of the lectures) for the full 1.5 years. While showing your willingness and ability to invest in yourself can make you distinguish yourself as a student, we take great care in making sure that the Honours programme does not get in the way of your regular study flow. We consider this through your motivation (whether you are willing to invest additional time next to your studies) and your study progress up to the moment of application (whether you can nominally complete your studies and take on the additional load).

At the start of the Honours programme, you need to have successfully completed all your study modules until the moment of application (nominal study progress), unless you are able to show that you have legitimate reasons for not meeting this requirement (like student activism, illness, etc.). Besides that, you need to have a considerable amount of free time besides your regular studies to follow the programme. Specifically, students will only be admitted to the Bachelor Honours programme if:

If you are uncertain whether you meet the admission criteria for the Bachelor Honours programme, you can join one of our informational events or contact the Honours Office for personal advice. 

In the summer holiday (after 2 quartiles), the admitted Honours students will be screened again for their study progress to ensure that they can keep a good study progress while attending the programme. They are allowed to continue participating in the Bachelor Honours programme if they have:

In exceptional cases, the Honours Dean may deviate from any of these requirements on an individual basis.

Application & Selection

If you are motivated to participate in the Honours programme and if you have achieved good study results so far, you can apply for the Honours programme between December to the beginning of January each year (please sign up for our mailing list to be kept up-to-date with our specific application deadlines each year). For your application, you have to submit a motivation letter. The motivation letter should discuss the following questions (in any particular order): 

  1. Introduce yourself: what are your interests, passions and talents?
  2. What other extracurricular activities have you (or are you currently) participated in?
  3. Why do you want to join the Honours programme?
  4. How do you want to develop as a person, and how do you think that the Honours programme might help you?
  5. Which tracks did you choose (i.e. your first and, if relevant, second preferred choice), and why did you choose these tracks? 

When writing your letter, please consider the following:

  1. The letter should be between 500-750 words.
  2. The letter has to be a PDF.
  3. The letter should have your student number as the file name (e.g. Motivation_Letter_s1234567.pdf).

We furthermore ask you to provide us with your Study Progress Overview (SPO), including your average grade over all your courses. You can obtain this information as follows:

  1. Go to;
  2. Click on "Login Osiris Student" and log in with your student credentials;
  3. Navigate to the Progress tab;
  4. On this page, ensure that the boxes "Print all test results" and "Print weighted average grade" are selected;
  5. Find your Bachelor's study from your list of exam programmes (usually indicated with the name of your study followed by "Bachelor Main Phase") and click on Download File.
  6. The file should contain the courses you are enrolled in and their results. Check that there is a table with your average grade at the end of the document.

Your motivation letter, alongside your Study Progress Overview, serves as input for an admission interview with a teacher of your first choice track. In the interview, your motivation for applying and your motivation for your first (and, if relevant, any other) preferred track(s) is discussed. This interview will be planned when applying for the Honours programme. After the interview, you will be notified of the final admission decision before the start of the third quartile. Before the start of the Honours programme, the Honours Association Ockham will organise an introduction activity for the entire new cohort. Accepted students will be invited to take part in this session.

The application deadline for the Bachelor Honours programme is the 8th of January 2024, 23:59.

The applications for the Bachelor Honours programme 2023-2024 are now open!
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