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Bachelor Honours programme

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The Bachelor Honours Programme, for ambitious and Motivated bachelor students who want to distinguish themselves.

The Bachelor Honours programme is an extracurricular broadening programme of 30 EC in which ambitious and motivated students are challenged to enrich their knowledge, skills, attitude, cooperations, and experiences outside their own discipline. The programme starts every year in February and is open to the top 10% of students. In 1.5 years, 6 modules, each student participates in one of the 5 multidisciplinary tracks in which they are encouraged to develop themselves in a setting comprised of passionate teachers and diverse students.

That is possible! For students who want to go abroad for their regular study or minor, we have created the Honours Individual Project.

What is Honours?


The Bachelor Honours programme is an extracurricular programme which starts in February and takes 1.5 years to complete. To tailor your Honours experience to your needs and to allow you focussing on specific skills you want to develop, you have to choose one of the tracks, each focussing on a different field of expertise.

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Inspiring and Intense Sessions

Every track has six courses of which the sessions take place on the Monday and Wednesday evenings (18:15 - 20:00). Unlike regular lectures, Honours sessions take place in small groups of diverse students guided by the best teachers and researchers the University of Twente has to offer. Next to these track-specific sessions, there are plenary sessions with the full Honours Community in which all Honours students and lecturers come together to share their experiences while enjoying an activity. Since students are shaping their own education and developmental goals, all students are expected to take an active role in the programme and in the Honours Community. 

For Ambitious and Motivated students

The Bachelor Honours programme is worth 30 EC (6 courses of 5 EC), meaning that the average workload is about 10-14 hours per week. This is a significant increase in workload on top of a regular Bachelor programme students have to take into account. However, experience shows that students who meet the admission requirements and have sufficient motivation should be able to successfully finish both programmes nominally. Students who successfully complete the Bachelor Honours programme receive a certificate and an Honours Pin.

In the unlikely event that you do not manage to finish the Honours programme, you will not receive a certificate and an Honours Pin. The courses that you have successfully finished will be added as extra courses to your regular Bachelor programme: finished courses will not get lost. More information about the examination programmes can be found here.

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Between 13-12-2021 and 17-12-2021 

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Between 17-01-2022 and 26-01-2022

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