Research in the Production Technology group addresses the engineering issues of new processes related to lightweight materials. Education within the Production Technology group is directly related to these issues. Courses from the Production Technology group are given on Bachelor and Master level.

Bachelor courses

The PT contribution to the bachelor phase concentrates on basic knowledge and understanding of the behaviour of various technical materials.

  • B1: Materialscience 1
  • B2: Materialscience 2
  • B2: Processing and Properties of Polymers

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master courses

In the Master phase the engineering issues of new products and new processes are addressed. The Production Technology specialisation within the Master Mechanical Engineering focuses on the optimisation of both the manufacturing process and the performance of lightweight materials in structural applications.

  • M: Composites
  • M: Composites Forming
  • M: Experimental Methods
  • M: Design, Production and Materials
  • M: Solids and Surfaces
  • M: Rheology and Processing of Thermoplastics
  • M: Plastic and Elastomer Engineering
  • M: Molding Technology
  • M: Process Equipment Design

Please find updated and more detailed information about these Master courses on OSIRIS

master assignments and projects

Making the proper choice: Production Technology

An up-to-date presentation of the Production Technology group for Master students by Remko Akkerman here.

Within the Mechanical Engineering Master, every individual student compiles his or her own Master’s program, in which the competence profile and the specialization are clearly identifiable. Most master projects of the Production Technology group are incorporated in a longer running research project. In some cases master projects will be carried out externally at the site of an industrial partner or research institute. A list of possible master projects is available below and is published in our corridor (Horstring N 2nd floor). In addition, we always welcome your ideas while setting up the master project!

List updated 11/04/2019

Current list of internal assignments:

Current list of external assignments: