Study programmes at the ET faculty

The education within our faculty ET is provided by the research departments within our faculty. The information contained on the pages below is mainly aimed at students currently exploring the different degree programs of the Faculty of Engineering Technology. For more general information about education at the UT, click here. Education at the Faculty of Engineering Technology is, just like on the other faculties, organised at three levels: bachelor, master and doctorate. At each level the faculty offers full degree programmes. In addition, the Faculty welcomes non-degree seeking students who would like to join us for an exchange period.

Information for prospective students 

Bachelor of science Programmes

The Faculty of Engineering Technology offers three BSc programmes, which are all taught in English.

Master of science Programmes

The Faculty of Engineering Technology offers five MSc programmes; all of them are taught in English. The programmes in Civil Engineering, Industrial Design Engineering and Mechanical Engineering are basically a continuation of the BSc programmes, including a specialisation in a sub discipline within these domains. The MSc programmes in Construction Management & Engineering and in Sustainable Energy Technology have been developed with partners within the UT as well as within the two other technological universities of the Netherlands. Additionally, the Faculty contributes substantially to MSc programmes offered by other faculties, such as Biomedical Engineering, Mechatronics and Systems & Control.

Exchange programmes

For more information regarding the options non-degree seeking students have to spend some time in our Faculty, please follow the link below:


The Faculty is participating in several post-graduate designer programmes called Engineering Doctorate  (EngD). For more information go to:


Different from most of the world, doctorate level education (PhD programmes) in the Netherlands is offered in the framework of an employment contract, and PhD students are considered employees. As such, in most cases you will have to check the vacancies website to find a position.


Information for current students

The information on the pages below is meant for students and employees who are currently involved at the Faculty of Engineering Technology. These pages provide information on topics like timetables, study programmes, specialisations (MSc programmes) and other practical information.