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DMB one of the winners of the ten Pioneers of Healthcare projects

Deventer, 22 January 2024 – Celebrations abound as DMB emerges victorious among the winners of the prestigious Pioneers of Healthcare (#PIHC) awards. The recognition comes in response to Maurice van Keulen's proposal, titled ‘ReBreCa - AI-driven Breast Cancer Diagnosis in Realistic Clinical Workflows.’

This collaborative endeavor brings together the DS&AI research excellence of the University of Twente,  The Philipp University of Marburg and the clinical expertise of ZGT Hospital. The primary objective is to revolutionize breast cancer diagnosis by developing an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant seamlessly integrated into the clinical workflow.

Maurice van Keulen acknowledges the common challenges hindering the adoption of AI-based methods in clinical settings, citing unrealistic assumptions, a lack of understanding, and transparency in clinical decision-making.

Maurice Van Keulen

I’m keen to find out how the great PhD work of Shreyasi Pathak will combine with our award-winning Interpretable AI method PIP-Net for the challenging task of breast cancer diagnosis.

Maurice Van Keulen

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