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Join the Tour for Life team on a social ride during the well-being weeks

Do you not only care for your own well-being but also about others? Then join the social rides organised by the UT Tour for Life team on Thursday 19 May! 100% of your registration fee will be donated to the Daniel den Hoed Foundation and will be used to support research in order to improve the well-being of patients with cancer.

Date: Thursday 19 May
Time: 13.00-15.00
Gather: between 12.30-13.00 
Location: The Box complex

We offer 3 social rides through the beautiful region of Twente:

  • ·        Regular bike ride (20-25km)
  • ·        Mountain bike ride (35-40km)
  • ·        Race bike ride (50km)

Contribution for students: €7.50
Contribution for non-students: €10.00

You can register and participate yourself and with relatives and friends. We offer a fine physical experience, a scenic route and a healthy snack. Bring your bike and your smile and improve your own well-being and that of many others.


  • Visit the Sports and Culture website.
  • Log in with your student or employee account, go to 'roster', filter on 'wellbeing activities' and select the correct date (Thursday 19 May).
  • Select the correct Ride (road bike/mountain bike/regular bike) and go through the payment process.

Do you want to introduce someone? You can do this by inviting someone in the form, and filling in the contact details of your introducee(s). You then pay for yourself and your guest(s).

A few days before the event you will receive the latest important information from the organization so that you can go well-prepared!

Follow us on:  https://www.utwente.nl/nl/tourforlife

Well-being weeks

Interested in what else you can do during the well-being weeks? Visit www.utwente.nl/wellbeingweeks for all activities that you can join from 9 May until 3 June