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All the needed pratical information concerning your enrolment at UT

all the needed PRACTICAL information concerning your Re-enrolment.

Information for current students

This page focuses on current students at University of Twente and returning students. This information is tailored to second, third or fourth year students. For information for upcoming students, check out the information for first-year students at UT.

Student account

You have a student account from the University of Twente. It is important that you check the email from this account frequently because we use this account to communicate all information. This can be information about re-enrolment, de-enrolment, tuition fees, law changes et cetera. If you prefer to use your own email account, please see to it that you forward the mail of the UT account to your own account.

From UT bachelor's to UT master's

If you graduate from your bachelor’s programme before 1 September and you want to start a master’s programme at our university as of 1 September make an application in Studielink for this particular master (and arrange the payment of your tuition fee if applicable). After you are officially graduated from the bachelor, we will take care of your master’s enrolment.

From UT pre-master's to UT master's

Pre-master to master per 1 September (intake moment): in Studielink you have to apply for enrolment for the master’s programme per 1 September and arrange the payment of your tuition fees. After you have officially finished the pre-master, we will take care of your master’s enrolment.

Tuition fee

On the website, you can find the amount of tuition fees for the academic year 2023-2024.

Pre-master's amount

On the website, you can see the pre-master's amount will be for your pre-master’s programme.


There are several ways to pay your tuition fees:

1. Payment by (digital) authorisation in five instalments or all at once

In Studielink it is possible to arrange the payment of your tuition fee in one or five instalments. 

You can pay by digital authorisation if you have an European IBAN and your bank is connected to SEPA. If someone else is going to pay for you, he also should have European IBAN connected to SEPA AND his own DigiD.

If you meet the requirements necessary for paying your tuition fees by authorisation, but you are unable to use the digital authorisation in Studielink, please send an email to studentservices@utwente.nl. Do not forget to mention your student number in this email.

IBAN = International Bank Account Number: a bank account number to standardize international payments within Europe.
SEPA = Single Euro Payments Area: the area within Europe where you can make your payments in one way.

2.     Single transfer

In Studielink you have to choose the method of payment ‘other method of payment’. If you have chosen a single transfer you have to transfer the complete amount for your enrolment untill 31 August, before the deadline of 31 August to IBAN NL33ABNA0405323972. Please make use of one of your transfer forms, attn. University of Twente, stating your name and student number. Pay attention to a processing time of two weeks into our account.

Name and address of the Bank:
Gustav Mahlerlaan 10
1082 PP Amsterdam

It is not permitted to come up with your own payment schedule.

3.     Exemption through certificate tuition fees paid

In Studielink you have to choose a method of payment by ‘other method of payment’. If you are already enrolled as a student at a Dutch university or institute of higher vocational education and you pay the statutory tuition fees, the University of Twente accepts an original certificate of paid tuition fees. You can request a certificate of tuition fees paid (BBC) at your university or institute of higher education and they will send this digitally to the University of Twente.

Payment tuition fees in Studielink: step-by-step plan.

Payment amount pre-master's

If you start with a new pre-master's per 1 February, then you have to pay the complete amount before the start of your pre-master's programme. 

Per 1 February it is not allowed to arrange an authorisation for the pre-master amount in Studielink. If you choose this anyway, we have to cancel this payment and we will send you an email to request you to make a single transfer by yourself as soon as possible (see payment option 2. above: Single transfer).


You will receive mail from the University of Twente at your study address/mail address. You can change this address in Studielink. Your new study address/mail address will appear in the information system OSIRIS of the University of Twente automatically. Please leave your mobile phone number as well so that we can reach you by phone in case of an emergency.

Student card

Last year, you have received a student card this is valid until you deregister.

All about enrolment


The declaration of enrolment can be downloaded through OSIRIS Student. You are required to show the declaration of enrolment during the exams when prompted.


You can withdraw or cancel your enrolment free of charge, before 1 September. You can arrange this in Studielink no later than 31 August. From 1 September, it is not possible to de-enrol without costs.


All these rules regarding your enrolment, de-enrolment and tuition fees are explained in the enrolment regulation University of Twente 2023-2024.