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All the needed pratical information concerning your enrolment at UT

all the needed practical information concerning your enrolment.

All the information about enrolment, tuition fees, digital authorisation, conditions for payment by authorisation, uploading of your digital photo, deadlines and intake moments can be found on the website. On this website, you can also find the ‘University of Twente enrolment regulation’. This contains a further explanation of the WHW (Higher Education and Research Act), in which you can find the main rules for your enrolment and the tuition fees.

Information for upcoming students

This page focuses on upcoming students. This information is tailored to freshman, upcoming first-year students. For information for current students, check out the information for second, third or fourth year students at UT.

Student account

You will receive a student account from the University of Twente. It is important to check the email from this account frequently because we use this account as communication means for all information. If you prefer to make use of your own email account, please arrange that you forward the mail of the UT account to your own account. Please check the status of your enrolment regularly at Studielink and your UT account!

  • When will I receive my account information from ICT/LISA?

    When you are enrolled, you will receive your account details from half June within 76 hours after we have completed your enrolment. You will receive your ICT/LISA account details by e-mail. The subject of this e-mail with login details is: “Your personal account information - Your personal account details”.

  • How to activate my UT student account?

    Please activate your student account through TAP of UT. TAP is the account management system of the University of Twente. With TAP you can activate your account, view your account details, and change or reset your password. Check it out at the TAP website.

How to get enrolled?

You will be enrolled when you have met the following requirements:

All the above has to be arranged before 31 August. 

Too late?

When you have failed to hand in your enrolment papers complete and on time, this may have the following consequences:

Such problems cannot be rectified, as the law prohibits us from enrolling students with retroactive effects.

Bachelor's in AT, ME or CreaTe

The Bachelor's in Advanced Technology, Mechanical Engineering and Creative Technology (CreaTe) have a mandatory matching event (in Dutch: "studiekeuzecheck"). We will only process your enrolment if you have completed this mandatory matching event. For further information about the mandatory matching event, please check the website of the Bachelor's programmes in Advanced Technology, Mechanical Engineering or Creative Technology.

Intake moments

The University of Twente has only a few intake moments.

This means that it is very important for you as a student to arrange your enrolment and payment of the tuition fee in time. Otherwise, we cannot enrol you starting 1 September. The next enrolment date for Bachelor's is 1 September 2024 and the (pre-)master's 1 September 2024 or 1 February 2024.


You will receive a mail from the University of Twente at your study address/mail address. You can change this address in Studielink. Your new study address/mail address will appear in the information system OSIRIS of the University of Twente automatically. Please leave your mobile phone number as well so that we can reach you by phone in case of an emergency.

Tuition fees

For more information about the tuition fees for the academic year 2023-2024 check our website. For the payment of the pre-master's, check bullet 9.

Payment of tuition fees

You can arrange your payment for the tuition fee by using Studielink. There are several ways to pay your tuition fees:

  • 1. Payment by (digital) authorisation in 5 equal instalments

    In Studielink it is possible to arrange the payment of your tuition fee. You can pay by digital authorisation if you have a European IBAN and your bank is connected to SEPA. If someone else is going to pay for you, he or she should also have a European IBAN connected to SEPA and his/her own DigiD.

    • IBAN = International Bank Account Number; a bank account number to standardise international payments within Europe
    • SEPA = Single Euro Payments Area; the area within Europe where you can make your payments in one way. If you meet the requirements necessary for paying your tuition fees by authorisation, but you are unable to use the digital authorisation in Studielink, please send an email to studentservices@utwente.nl. Do not forget to mention your student number in this email.
  • 2. Payment by (digital) authorisation in 1 instalment

    Payment by authorisation in one instalment is only possible for everyone with a European IBAN connected to SEPA. When debiting at once the fee will be debited on 30 September 2022. No administration costs will be charged. It is not possible to pay with authorisation in one instalment when you do not start with your study from 1 September. In Studielink it is possible to arrange the payment by authorisation of your tuition fee. To be able to use the digital authorisation you need to have a European IBAN connected to SEPA. In case someone else signs for the authorisation, this person has to have a European IBAN connected to SEPA and DigiD.

    If you meet the requirements necessary for paying your tuition fees by authorisation, but you are unable to use the digital authorisation in Studielink, contact Student Services. Please do not forget to mention your student number in this email. 

    Alternative payment schedules will not be considered.

  • 3. Single transfer

    In Studielink you have to choose the method of payment ‘Other method of payment’. If you have chosen a single transfer you have to transfer the complete amount for your enrolment for the whole academic year before the deadline of 31 August 2023 to IBAN NL 33 ABNA 0405 3239 72. Please make use of one of your own transfer forms, attn. University of Twente, stating your name and student number. Pay attention to a processing time of two weeks into our account.

    Name and address of the bank:
    ABN-AMRO Bank
    Gustav Mahlerlaan 10
    1082 PP Amsterdam

    It is not permitted to come up with your own payment schedule. 

  • 4. Exemption through certificate of paid tuition fees

    If you are already enrolled as a student at another Dutch university or institute of higher vocational education, you can get, under certain conditions, an exemption or reduction of tuition fees at the University of Twente. If your other educational institution supports this, a BBC can be arranged digitally in Studielink. If your other educational institution does not support this in Studielink, you need to request an original proof of payment of tuition fee (BBC) at the institute where you have paid the fees. They will send this digitally to our University.

Payment pre-master's amount

For a pre-master's programme you pay an amount per EC. For the academic year 2023-2024, this is € 38,57 per EC. The number of ECs of your pre-master's makes the total amount you have to pay for your pre-master's programme. This is possible in Studielink via one-off direct debit.

Please note

it is possible to arrange your payment for the pre-master's in Studielink via one-off direct debit. Please Note: If you choose for a payment in instalments in Studielink, we will change this into an one-off direct debit. see bullet 2

Binding Study Advice (BSA)

The University of Twente will be enforcing a binding recommendation on the continuation of studies (Binding Study Advice (BSA)) for all bachelor's programmes. This means that students who have completed at least 3 modules can continue their programme (the procedures for ATLAS students are different).

Certified copies

A certified copy is a photocopy with an official stamp and signature to verify that it is a true copy of the original document. This official stamp and signature may be from a notary or school. Photocopies or scans of the documents are no legal proof and therefore they cannot be accepted. Certification is meant to counter fraud. 

Student card

If the enrolment has been processed by us and your status in Studielink changes to Enrolled and if you have uploaded your digital photo via OSIRIS student and you have a mailing address in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany, you will receive your student card by post. For the academic year 2023-2024, the student cards will be printed and sent to you by postal mail, starting from August 2023. After this date, you can expect the student card to arrive at your address. This process can take up to two weeks. This only applies to students who start their studies at the university in this academic year. Please make sure to update your postal- and living address in Studielink.

If you already have an address in the above-mentioned countries but have not yet changed it, please change your mailing address in Studielink so that we can send your student card by post.

More about enrolment

You can read more about enrolment at the Student Services website of UT.

  • Declaration of enrolment

    The declaration of enrolment can be downloaded through OSIRIS Student. You are required to show the declaration of enrolment during the exams when prompted.

  • Cancellation of enrolment

    You can withdraw or cancel your enrolment free of charge, before 1 September 2023. You can arrange this in Studielink, no later than 31 August 2023. From 1 September 2023, it is not possible to de-enrol without costs.

  • UT enrolment regulation

    All these rules regarding your enrolment, de-enrolment and tuition fees are explained in the enrolment regulation of the University of Twente 2023-2024.