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Find out why you should study in Holland!

Holland stands out for its great inventiveness, its problem-solving attitude and its openness to the world. Studying in Holland offers you the space to be a pioneer, be creative and get connected. The more than 1,500 English-taught study programmes and courses cover a broad range of fields. All programmes and courses lead to a bachelor’s, master’s or PhD degree, a diploma or certificate.

10 reasons why you should choose the netherlands as a study destination

  1. Life in Holland is not expensive compared with English-speaking countries
  2. You earn a quality degree at a comparatively low cost
  3. Higher education in Holland is known for its high quality
  4. Holland is a safe country by international standards
  5. Dutch people are entrepreneurs and discoverers
  6. Dutch people enjoy innovating and working on original ideas
  7. Dutch society is multicultural and focused on international relations
  8. Holland is at the crossroads where German, British and French cultures meet
  9. You don’t really need a car to get around in Holland
  10. Holland has a huge religious diversity

4 Dutch facts

  • 86% of the population speaks English as a second language
  • The Netherlands is home to more bicycles than people
  • The city of Enschede has 158.553 citizens
  • Kennispark Twente (with close ties to the University of Twente) is one of 7 leading Dutch innovation campuses and was voted the Best Business park in the Netherlands in 2013

University of Twente

A unique multidisciplinary approach, an entrepreneurial mindset and a green campus: just a few reasons to study at the University of Twente! Find out more about why you should study at the University of Twente.

More information

The website Study in Holland is the most comprehensive source of information on living and studying in the Netherlands. The website provides information on finance (funding, living expenses), the Dutch education system, the Netherlands, food, climate and cultural issues.

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