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Choosing a master's but missed the Online Open Day?

As a student in Water Technology, you will be in the centre of the multidisciplinary laboratory of Wetsus, in which 80% of the research will be carried out.

Wetsus is situated in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. By inviting all the researchers to one location, maximal cooperation and creativity is generated. The researchers are seconded by the participating EU universities at Wetsus, but the universities carry scientific responsibility for the projects. In this way, an enormous intellectual and creative power will be focused on water technology and at the same time knowledge capacity will be built up by all the participating universities.

The Netherlands is Europe’s leading country in water process technology. The Dutch government focuses on its innovation policy on water and has appointed Leeuwarden as the focal point for water technology development. This results in a supportive government policy in the form of enabling subsidies for water research and innovation. Around the Wetsus research and education facilities, a high-tech WaterCampus is realised to concentrate know-how, entrepreneurship, talent and venture capital. This attracts starting companies as well as research centres of large companies.

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