The study domain is becoming more and more relevant due to the urgent need for new technologies to meet the global water problems. Water technology for public drinking water production and sewer water treatment is a very large market. Further, the largest use of fresh water is for irrigation purposes.

The industrial water supply and industrial waste water treatment also represent a significant market. There is no question that business involved in water technology will grow tremendously. Besides this human capital is a basic condition to guarantee the success and continuity of the development of sustainable technologies and a European know-how economy in water technology. In many EU countries the lack of talented technological professionals is becoming an increasingly limiting factor. The program prepares students for a professional position in the broad area of water technology. Graduates have good national and international career prospects in business and research.

In these areas a wide variety of positions is op for graduates, including:

  • Consultant or manager at a development project
  • Water process engineer
  • Researcher at an R&D department
  • PhD, starting a scientific career
  • Start-up company
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