Fantastic that you are interested in applying for the Transdisciplinary Master-Insert on Shaping Responsible Futures! Slots are limited: We can host max. 30 students, and only a small number of students from each degree programme, in order to maintain the transdisciplinary nature of the master-insert. Therefore, please be clear and specific about what motivates you to follow this extra-curricular educational programme. A well-written personal motivation letter can be a decisive factor in ensuring you a place in this unique programme. The information you provide is for educational purposes only and will remain strictly confidential. 

Deadline for applications: 25 October 2019, 17:00

Please note that the Transdisciplinary Master-Insert is an extra-curricular educational programme (i.e., not a formal master study programme) aimed at master students currently enrolled at the University of Twente.  

General information

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Information about timetabling

* Note: the Transdisciplinary Master-Insert is a full-time, extra-curricular educational programme which means that you will need to extend you master study by two quarters (six months) to follow this programme.

personal Motivation letter

Download our motivation letter template (docx), max. 1000 words on 2 A4 pages. Provide a clear description of why you think this programme is interesting and relevant for you. Support your motivation letter with examples from your past experiences, qualifications, and personal qualities.

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