Programme Structure

Why public Administration at the University of Twente?

There are plenty of Public Administration programmes on offer at universities and universities of applied sciences (‘hbo’ institutes in Dutch) in the Netherlands. What sets the University of Twente apart from the rest?

Our Public Administration programme has core courses on key themes of Public Administration, Policy & Governance and  Public Management.

In addition to the profile courses, you will work on a Master’s thesis on a topic of your own choice within your profile. You will carry out the research required for your thesis at a national or international organization, or at one of our university’s research departments.

You will work with professionals and have the opportunity to integrate your knowledge and various research techniques, while also applying them to practical problems. You will complete your MSc studies by writing, presenting and defending your Master’s thesis.

Combining academic rigour and practical relevance

At the University of Twente you are not simply immersed in theory, but you also learn how to apply it to problems in real-life. Many of the courses involve working on genuine policy issues and designing solutions for actual problems faced by today’s organizations.

Freedom to choose

The Master’s programme offers you plenty of room to make your own choices. For example you will take 10 credits’ worth of courses related to your profile. An additional freedom of choice for 25 EC comes when you choose a project for your Master’s thesis. This approach differs from Public Administration programmes at other universities in the Netherlands.

The personal touch

The atmosphere between lecturers and students is friendly and informal. You never have to worry about asking a question about an assignment because the door is almost always open. Excellent student guidance is available to help you make the right choices during your programme and the Public Administration study counsellor is always on hand to help you with any problems you might have.

High quality

The Public Administration programme has been accredited by the EAPAA (the European Association for Public Administration Accreditation). This means that the programme meets all applicable national and international higher-education standards. In other words Public Administration is recognized worldwide.

A special place to study

The University of Twente encourages a spirit of enterprise. In Twente, many motivated and ambitious students take the opportunity to start their own businesses, even before they have completed their studies. Twente has twice been awarded the title of Most Entrepreneurial University in the Netherlands.

A great green campus
Twente is the only ‘American-style’ campus university in the Netherlands. Our wonderful green campus has everything you need within walking distance: housing, educational facilities, sports venues and cultural amenities. There’s always something going on, with a whole range of student associations organizing activities on a regular basis. Take our digital campus tour or watch the campus video:
Living in Enschede
The University of Twente is located in the beautiful city of Enschede, in the east of the Netherlands. The lively city centre is very popular with students: you are sure to bump into someone you know at one of the many restaurants, cafés or pubs around the market square. Last but by no means least, finding affordable accommodation is much easier in Enschede than in other university cities.

More information

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