Thermal &Fluid engineering

This specialization belongs to the master's programme Mechanical Engineering.

Modern engineering challenges concern the design and development of processes and equipment with a high performance and minimal environmental impact, i.e. effective use of resources, energy and minimal generation of waste products and noise.  Examples in the realm of Thermal and Fluid Engineering are: wind turbines, pumps, airplanes, compressors, gas turbines, pyrolysis in fluidized beds, heat pumps, heat engines, multi-scale systems, thin layer flows, contact mechanics, and granular flows.

The research is both experimental and theoretical, including numerical simulations. Our laboratories are well-equipped and have bench-scale facilities and pilot-plants for thermal conversion processes and (aero-acoustic) wind tunnel facilities. New processes,  equipment and advanced methods for (multi-scale) modeling are developed. The department collaborates with research institutes and industry.

As a Thermal and Fluid Engineering student you will be trained to translate fundamental insights from physics, thermodynamics, mechanics and nature into solutions for the major problems in society.

Thermal and Fluid Engineering UTwente Department

The education of this specialization is provided by the department Thermal and Fluid Engineering UTwente

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