European studies

Two research groups at the University of Twente comprise the Master’s programme in European Studies:

Public administration

The department of Public Administration (PA) is responsible for research and education in the areas of Public Administration, European Studies and Public Management and Policy. It approaches these issues from a multilevel perspective with a focus of the relationship between sub-national, national, European and global levels of governance.

Department of science, technology and policy studies

Department of science, technology and policy studies (STePS) takes the assessment and governance of innovations and emerging technologies as it's central theme of teaching and research. STePS considers in particular strategic issues that are multidisciplinary: they involve developments in science, technology, politics and society, as well as interaction between them.

Twente Graduate School (TGS)

Twente Graduate School (TGS) offers high-quality educational programmes based on subjects closely related to the work of the university’s research institutes and taught and supervised by expert researchers from these same institutes. It offers an increasing variety of integrated Master’s and PhD programmes for outstanding graduate students who are keen to pursue a career in scientific research. The graduate programmes associated with the Master’s programme in European Studies are Social Sciences, Innovation & Governance. 

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