CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT AND ENGINEERINGThe MSc programme in Construction Management and Engineering is mainly delivered by the research group in Construction Management and Engineering. The group focuses on several research themes:

  • Area development: Today, cities and countries have to cope with increasing mobility, high population density and a growing awareness of environmental threats. Sustainable area development is one of the key future challenges for planners, policymakers and engineers.
  • Asset Management: Research into asset management is aimed at providing new insights into the social, technical and environmental aspects of managing infrastructure networks and assets. The goal is to develop new methods and tools for optimized decision-making throughout the infrastructure lifecycle.
  • Design Science: Design Science is an approach that specifically focuses on 'field-tested and grounded technological rules to be used as design exemplars of managerial problem-solving' (van Aken 2004). Areas of research are systems engineering, health, asset management and knowledge management.
  • Market & Organisational Dynamics in Construction Industry: Managing projects and delivering infrastructures is as much an organisational as a technical challenge. Roads, canals, bridges, railways et cetera are public goods, ordered by public agencies, and are built by private engineering firms and contractors. Integrating the interests and perspectives of these stakeholders is as important for progress and infrastructure renewal as are the sheer technological innovations.
  • Risk Management: Research projects include the development and implementation of methods to better identify, assess and manage project risks and the development of risk simulation and risk maturity models. Research projects are conducted under the auspices of the Centre for Risk Management, Safety and Security of the University of Twente.
  • Sustainable and Adaptable Building: Sustainability is a major issue in construction these days. In order to conserve our environment for future generations, we must rethink the way we manufacture and use products and develop more intelligent and sustainable solutions for raw materials and energy resources.
  • Technology & Innovation in Road Construction in Road Construction: together with the Dutch construction industry, the UT’s Asphalt Paving Research and innovation (ASPARi) unit focuses on transforming the rather traditional asphalt construction process into an advanced manufacturing process by integrating new sensors and sensor modalities into primary construction processes using an operator-centred approach.  
  • Visualization and Simulation in Construction: In the coming years, the construction industry will have to build socially sound infrastructure for a growing world population. At the same time, the industry will also be facing mounting environmental issues, in particular global warming. At the UT, we believe that construction engineers and managers can effectively rise to these new challenges by making use of advanced visualization and simulation (V&S) systems that flexibly support decision-making in complex and rapidly changing environments.

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Twente Graduate School

The Twente Graduate School at the University of Twente offers a growing variety of integrated Master's and PhD programmes for outstanding graduate students who aspire to a career in scientific research. The programmes are set up in cooperation with out academic faculties and scientific research institutes. The graduate programme associated with the Master’s programme in Construction Management and Engineering is Innovation of Governance.

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