programme structure for the second year

In your second year you can choose further specialization courses in Construction Management and Engineering from the list of courses on the ‘First Year’ page. Another option is to follow courses from our Civil Engineering and Management Master's programme. In the second semester, you will work on your Master's thesis. 


During the first semester of the second year, you will choose several electives. Potential second year courses include:

  • Network Approach: you will study inner-city development from a network approach, stakeholder approach and process management approach. This course also covers approaches to engineering and collaborative design processes.
  • Market Research: what characterizes the construction market? How should the processes come together and how should the lifecycle be managed? In this course you will study innovation, process technology, planning, risk management and sustainable building processes.
  • Building Processes: this course covers building processes in relation to project management, collaborative processes throughout the complete lifecycle, and systems engineering as an applied part of the design processes.  

master's thesis

Your graduation project and Master’s thesis make up the final component of your CME degree. While completing your graduation project, you will gain individual, hands-on experience analysing complex construction developments and exploring models for integrated solutions. This project takes the form of an in-depth research and design assignment, and culminates in the writing of your Master’s thesis.

You can find out more about the courses in our online education catalogue OSIRIS.

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